Monday, January 26, 2009

Please Help Keep Me From Being Arrested for Terrorism

I'm still waiting for my stand mixer to go on sale again. I'm totally going to just get it next time, even if my snowboard boots haven't sold yet. I think the fates are trying to coerce me into it. First the hand mixer, and now my bread machine. Last week my ancient hand-me-down bread machine kneaded itself off the counter and broke when it hit the floor. So now I'm actually kneading dough by hand. Totally unacceptable.

While I wait (because heaven forbid I pay the full Costco price, which is already a great deal), I need to be prepared. I STILL haven't decided once and for all what color I want to get. Here's where you come in.

There are really only two options: white or stainless steel. But which one? I lot of the stuff I keep out in my kitchen is stainless steel. My pots hanging on my pot rack, my canisters, my mixing bowls on the shelf in my island, the new hardware on my kitchen cabinets, and a few other odd and ends. But those photos are all out of date. My kitchen isn't red anymore. The new color is a gray-blue.

On the other hand, a lot of things are white in there too. My refrigerator is white. All my dishes are white. The doors and trim are white. I actually hope to paint my cabinets white someday. And do you know what else is white? Flour. What do you use a lot of around a mixer? Flour.

So even though stainless steel sounds cool in theory, maybe it's a fad. Will it be the next avocado? In 20 years will people look at stainless steel things and think, "That is SO turn of the millennium." And would stainless steel show fingerprints and flour dust even worse than the white? I like stainless steel. A lot. But white is universal and timeless.

My original plan was to go into the store and do a little research. Look at the stainless steel color in person and see how it performs. Rub my greasy little fingers all over it. Smuggle in some flour in my pocket and throw a handful on it.

Then my sister pointed out that I would probably cause an anthrax scare and get hauled away to jail. So, I guess a poll will have to do. Please vote in the sidebar and feel free to pontificate in the comments.


Janssen said...

I have a black one which looked really really awesome until I made actual baked products at which point it has become a graveyard for flour that didn't quite make it into the bowl.

Janssen said...

Also, a friend of mine has a stainless steel one and I noticed this weekend that it looks kind of plasticy/fake. I didn't look closely (I was sitting on the other side of the kitchen), but I was surprised at how not expensive and heavy and wonderful it looked. So obviously, I voted for the white.

Or avocado.

Leann said...

Ok, so I have the Silver Metallic color, which I like because it has the silver affect, but the ease of the cleaning that white has.

However, I notice that if I have to clean my mixer, it is rarely ever an all white mess. Usually is more of the brown cookie dough color. :)

So I wouldn't use the the cleaning as an excuse. I would be more worried of being out of style.

But yet, I understand the stainless steel. Have you seen the Brushed Nickel color? (its of the "metallic series" I wonder if that one would be less finger print prone.

All in all, I admit, I'm leaning more toward white over the stainless steel, but I like the brushed nickel one better, but I can't remember your feelings on brushed silver color.

Tonja said...

Girl Go White :)

Anonymous said...

white. seriously...

Brad, Maggie, Bradley and Samuel said...

go white. i have a white one,and love it, but if had my choice i would have gone with something like pink, or red. Oh, and i have to constantly be wiping it. It attracts a ton of dust and flour.

Anonymous said...

The thing with stainless steel is that you have to clean it with actual stainless steel cleaner in order for it to not be smudgy and gross. You know your answer. No need to spread terror.

p.s. my authenticating word to post this comment is rubreast. Your blog is naughty

stampinashley said...

I already voted and commented, but jsut to make sure...

The plantes would not be aligned if G bought a ktichen appliance that wasn't some form of gun-metal gray..... You know my vote.

(byt the way, mine is white and it STILL gets all nasty. In fact, I think some kind of brown liquid has splashed up inside the twirly-knob-turner and it know oozes brown squishy stuff when I think it's been cleaned. Ew!)