Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet Relief

Tuesday, June 30th.

Seems like a good birthday to me. Hope so, because it will be Kate's.

(Now if I can just survive the next four days of continuing over 100 degree heat. I was SUPPOSED to have this baby before the worst of the heat hit, but nature decided to remedy that in the last couple weeks. I should have kept my big optimistic mouth shut. I was just tempting fate and it has totally come back to bite me in the butt.)


azufelt said...

Yay, I love having a date set, then there's a true, solidified light at the end!

And yeah, what's the deal with the heat? It's really getting to this baby, if I can just hold off for a few more weeks... it's getting rough!

Kelly M said...

That's a great birthday. . . it's Richard's too! Too bad you aren't having a boy so you could name him Richard. Darn. :) Well, I'll be thinking of you Tuesday while we eat cake here. These next 4 days will be over before you know it, hang in there!

Ralphie said...

YES! June 30 is a very fine birthday. Please please let me know when you've had her. I would love to come and see you.

Good luck dear friend!

Jules said...

It is a great day for a birthday! And there is hope still, you will be having her before the worst of the heat since that usually comes in August! :) Okay, I know that doesn't help when it is over 100 degrees for so many days. Hang in there- 4 days isn't so bad!

Kristen said...

pool and ac, all you need.