Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Week Isn't Good for Us, We're Having a Baby. Can We Reschedule?

Some people have all the luck.

And these days apparently ours is of the getting to deal with car insurance variety.

M got rear-ended this morning, which caused him to rear-end the person in front of him. The person in front of him who had slowed down just as the light turned green because they were trying to make an illegal left turn. Fabulous. It was just a fender bender, but nevertheless the last thing we needed on the weekend we are trying to finish up all our last minute details before having a new baby.

Gotta love the timing. We just finished dealing with our claim for hail damage on the same car. I guess I should just be glad we hadn't already actually repaired the hail damage yet. While M is taking his paternity leave he can spend time on the phone dealing with homeowners (more hail damage) AND car insurance. Yippee! At least I get to cry, "Childbirth!" and pass the buck :)

And maybe we'll even get everything squared away in less than 18 months this time!


stampinashley said...

Ooh, I love that excuse for things... yeah, this MONTH doesn't look good, we're having a baby! Lvoe it.

Don't love that you "get" to hassle with more insurance, but whatever, I guess.

Sorry for your misfortune with the cars! Ooh, and good luck tomorrow!! I'm scheduled for the 7th, so they'll be 5 1/2 weeks apart... fyi.

Leann said...

oh geez.... that's horrible timing... i'm soory!