Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kindergarten - Part II

Before you ask, no. I did not cry. I'm fine. Honestly? A little sick of being asked that. Shouldn't we only worry if our kids are upset? Because Claire shows so little separation anxiety it makes me think she might be ready for college.

For the record, I don't think I even got close to crying. I kept waiting for it to happen to me like all the other moms talk about. But nope. And I'm fairly certain it's not because I don't love her enough or won't miss her a little sometimes. She's just so ready. She's been so ready for so long. Can she be too ready at this point? Cuz if it's possible, then she is. And it will be so good for her, so how can I be sad? This is why I have babies. To see them become great kids.

So if there are any other moms out there who feel like they're supposed to cry but didn't, know that you have good company. I'm pretty sure it doesn't make you a bad mom. Just a non-embarrassing one.


Kristi said...

I cried.

But it's because Gwen didn't start school.

Jules said...

I'm so with you! Seth was more than ready when he started and I was happy for him!! (even though I did miss him a little bit sometimes) I didn't even understand why everyone else was crying about it!

Michelle Walkenhorst said...

I didn't cry with Kai. We were both so ready for him to go.

It's been interesting seeing all these sad tearful mommas on Facebook. I feel guilty that I just can't relate to that.

It's a joyful time at our house.

Lauren said...

I wrote a nostalgic post and made my SIL cry. But I didn't. I was too excited for her!

Corbett Family said...

I didn't think I would get emotional last year when J.D. went to Kindergarten, because I'm just not an emotional person like that. But I found myself feeling a bit emotional (no tears were shed) when I dropped him off the first day. Of course less than 12 hours later I learned I was pregnant. The hormones explained the emotions, not the child who was completely ready to go to school and loved it.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about doctor's visits that involve needles and things ending in "-cision." I didn't cry and sort of felt like a half super hero/ half monster because wow I'm so strong but do I have NO FEELINGS? So, good for you, I say. Be happy and excited for your baby. Be interested and loving and supportive, with no need for tears!

ashes said...

Next year our oldest will start kindergarten - I will probably cry not because I'll be sad, but because she's just growing up.

I'm actually looking forward to all my kids being in school, LOL!