Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Mum for the New Mum

When I was in college, I took a class on floral arranging with my sister. It was my last semester and her first so we wanted to take a class together the one semester we would overlap in school. It was SO fun!

One day our teacher highlighted a floral phenomenon I had never heard of before. Homecoming mums. Have any of you heard of these before? Because I'm pretty sure they're non-existent in California where I grew up. In a nutshell these are like corsages on steroids. You know, kind of like how a person trying to get all ripped on steroids is doing something that ought to be attractive in theory, but in practice it's kind of disturbing and gross. Yah, kind like that, but with flowers and ribbons and other flotsam. If you've never seen these before, you really have to see pictures to understand. My descriptions could never convey the full wrath of these suckers.

As far as I understand, these are something that is most popular in areas like Oklahoma and Texas. Which somehow makes sense, what with "everything is bigger in Texas," right? I've still never seen the finished product in person, although I have seen all the supplies for sale in the local craft stores.

I gave birth to Scott about 9 months after we moved to Texas. Imagine my surprise (delight? horror? I don't even know) when I was brought to my hospital room after delivery and I saw this hanging from the door:

My own hospital mum!

And in case you thought it might be an isolated incident, here is the baby girl version I got for Kate:

They're very toned down compared to the homecoming versions, but relative to the size of your baby's body, they're huge! I hope none of the nurses were offended that I never actually pinned those babies to my babies. I tell myself that they MUST be only meant as wall hangings. Right? I don't know. Until I saw pictures with them in use, I would have thought homecoming mums were only meant for attaching wheels to and using as floats in a parade.

I think these photos to prove that I have two bona fide Texas babies. I love it!


Sherry said...

Why, yes, yes, I have heard of mums. I had one every year in high school, except my senior year when I decided to wear garter instead. I knew they were for boys, but they were cheaper and less in-the-way than a mum.

At my school, we wore mums to school the day of homecoming. We didn't wear them with our homecoming dresses or anything like that.

They are a dumb tradition. But I participated. And I enjoyed it.

Melanie said...

Huh. That's bizarre. That's probably why it's a Texas thing (no offense). But I'm going to check your blog everyday from now on. I learn something new everyday! First, the laws of hanging a mirror in the bathroom, and now mums.

Kim said...

Oh, homecoming mums! I had one every year of high school. The guys would make them for their dates and we would make garters for the guys. The day of the homecoming game, the halls were lively with the sound of rustling ribbons, bells (yeah-they had bells on them!), and all the other junk we hot glued on. I was surprised when I went to an out-of-state college and none of my roommates had ever heard of them.

Kelly M said...

My sister is a YW President in San Antonio and took pictures of her girls in the Homecoming Mums last year- I was shocked. Speachless. . . withoug speach! I'd never seen the things before and couldn't imagine a teenage girl actually wanting to wear one! But, they do. Silly Texans!

That's hilarious that they gave you baby ones. Ha!

Janssen said...

I've read about these but never seen them. Wow, they are enormous.

stampinashley said...

by the way I think it's even MORE popular in YOUR area of the state, rather than further south where I'M at, since they don't give those out at the hospitals around here, I was rather looking forward to my own after you had mentioned such from whe you had Scott.

Oh well, two Texas babies later and still no Mum's floatin' around these parts.