Monday, August 17, 2009

That's One Way to Stop That Annoying Noise From Coming Back

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. We'll totally get around to celebrating... eventually.

You see, Kate is not so good at going to sleep. She sleeps a long time once she goes to sleep for real. But she doesn't really like to fall asleep for more than 5 minutes at a time until around 1:00 am. But then she will often sleep for 7-8 hours without waking up. That IS wonderful that she can go that long of a stretch at such a young age (she's almost 7 weeks now), so I feel guilty complaining, but she is not my only child. Claire and Scott? They actually wake up in the morning before 9 am and, you know, need things. From me, no less!

And in just over a week Claire will start Kindergarten. AT 7:45 IN THE MORNING. Kate, are you listening? I cannot be held responsible for any of my actions if you keep this up after Claire starts Kindergarten. I'm pretty sure only sleeping from 2 am when Kate lets me get to bed until 6 am when I will be waking up to get Claire out the door is an automatic free pass to plead insanity.

Right now, I spend my evenings nursing Kate pretty much constantly. Because I prefer couch potatoing while nursing to miserably failing to console a crying baby. This is pretty much the makeup of my evenings: nurse Kate or deal with constant crying from about 8pm (when Claire and Scott head off to bed) until I pass out sitting up while nursing Kate in the wee hours. Then I wake up with a stiff neck and drool puddles on both my shirt and Kate, dump Kate in her bassinet, and crawl into my bed around 2 am. To M's credit, he does his best to keep her from crying for sometimes minutes at a time so I can get up and do exciting things like laundry. He has found she prefers classical music in Italian.

The point of all this whining? Just making excuses. The usual, "I haven't been posting a lot because... blah blah blah wah wah wah." But it's true. I don't get many chances to use the computer two handed, which makes typing a blog post a bit cumbersome.

[Hark! Kate is crying now! brb]

And now that I am finishing this post on a different non-Kate-crying occasion (thank you Bjorn!), I will tell you the OTHER thing making sleep scarce around here. M has a new calling at church. He's volunteering as the ward clerk. It's not normally going to be this bad, but with him still getting into the swing of things and having several more meetings this week than normal, there have been some late nights and early mornings. On Sunday afternoon M was taking a much needed nap. I snuck into the room to grab the baby swing and found him like this:

That's M asleep with his hand resting ON TOP of the snooze button for his alarm.

And that photo pretty much sums up how things have been around here lately. So we're officially rescheduling our anniversary. Aren't we romantic?


Michelle Walkenhorst said...

I was up in the wee hours nursing Liam. My neck was so stiff that I finally wised up and used a traveling neck pillow at night. That helped a bunch.

Anonymous said...

When you think she's ready...let me watch the kiddos for you some night! Even if it's for a quick dinner. I wish I'd known it was your anniverary today-I'd have told you to go have lunch w/M!! Happy Anniversary!!: )


Leann said...

oh man, i'm sorry. We just got moved... not unpacked yet. Give me a week... hopefully I'll be online more.