Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Sand Man

On Friday I took Scott and Kate to a sprinkler park. Like with water shooting out of the ground in all sorts of fun configurations. It was a lot of work too to take them too - sunscreening, packing lunch and what have you.

At least Kate seemed to enjoy it, so I suppose that made it worth it.

I'm not sure what's broken in the minds of my two older children, but neither of them have ever really liked sprinkler parks. They LOVE swimming. But sprinkler parks, what with their lack of potential for fatal drownings, just don't make the grade apparently.

The whole time we were there, Scott just wanted to play in the sand instead. I think he's crazy to pick sand over sprinkler park, but I should have known. He does this any time we are at a park. He lives for sand volleyball courts. When I try to track him down at a park, usually I see this:

Which is really fabulous when Kate is exhausted and crying and it's time to go RIGHT. NOW. (Scott still can't/won't put on his own sock and shoes.)

*sigh* I guess it's not that bad. On the up side, it kept him busy during Claire's soccer practices. Plus, he's my little boy and he's all cute to watch and stuff:


Matthew said...

He's a boy. Let him have his sand. Eventually he'll discover sand + water = mud.

Leann said...
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Leann said...

And then he'll learn that MUD will stick to a human body, where sand used to just fall off.
"Hey Mom... Look, I can make cool footprints through the kitchen!"

(and he is super cute!)