Sunday, April 10, 2011

Effect and Cause

Last weekend was general conference for our church.  Over the course of the weekend, we got to hear from the leaders of our church via internet broadcast in several 2 hour sessions. 

It's wonderful, but not always easy with the younger set.  Really, Claire and Scott did surprisingly well.  Kate did pretty well during the first session on Saturday morning, then she was asleep for the second session.  But by Sunday morning, I could tell she was wondering, "Why are were doing this again?!?!?"

After a while, a restless Kate started folding her arms and acting like we were going to have a prayer.  At first I thought she was misinterpreting the talk as a prayer.  I'm sure when you're in the middle of it, a prayer and a talk don't sound that different to a toddler.

Then I realized I wasn't giving her enough credit.  She was trying to end the meeting.

Normally at church we have a closing prayer, and then the meeting is over.  So if she could just get us to start praying, then this long boring meeting would be over, right???

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Lori said...

So cute!! I think you must be right!! I now have a video in my you guys!