Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Learn Something New Every Day...

And Today It Was Two Things - Both of Which I Preferred Not Needing to Know

Today was one of THOSE days.  This afternoon as we were all getting ready to take Claire to soccer practice, I ran upstairs to put some laundry away.  Kate came upstairs with me and somehow located several Sharpies and had a little fun.

Bad News:  She did all this while sitting on my bed.
Good News:  The duvet we currently have on our bed is solid black, so we'll never even know if she got some on there. 
Bad News:  Her feet are STILL covered in black marks.
Good News:  Her legs were spared.
Bad News:  Her legs were spared because she was wearing leggings, which got Sharpie on them.
Good News:  The leggings were dark blue.
Bad News:  Not quite dark enough blue to disguise the black marks entirely.  And they were new.  This was only the 3rd time she had worn them.
Good News:  I learned today that, just as the internet suggested, isopropyl alcohol DOES remove fresh Sharpie from clothing.
Bad News:  It takes lots and lots of isopropyl alcohol and lots and lots of clean rags.  And I had a cut on my finger.
Good News: Thanks to the leggings being dark blue, I think I got enough of the Sharpie out that it isn't too noticeable.
Bad News:  While I was elbow deep in rubbing alcohol, Kate found a bottle of lotion that Claire had decided she no longer needed to keep in her backpack now that the dry winter air is gone.
Good News:  Kate didn't get lotion ALL over the house.
Bad News:  The cap WAS open and it was on her hands.  And a little on her dress.  And all around her mouth.
Good News: There was still lotion in the bottle, so she didn't drink all of it.
Bad News:  I don't know how much lotion was in the bottle to begin with.
Good News:  I now know how to call poison control. 
Bad News:  We were late to soccer practice. 
Good News:  It was "Mint Chocolate Chip" lotion, so Kate smells minty fresh now.
Bad News:  The diarrhea she might get from potentially ingesting lotion will probably be not so minty fresh.


A said...

Calling poison control is NO FUN! I have had my share of calls mostly from Blake including prenatal vitamins, bath salts (not the street name for an illegal substance but actual bath salts...who knew?), dramamine (which fyi is basically benadryl) etc. Glad she is ok sorry about your possible future of not so minty fresh smells...

Liz H. said...


Jana said...

Ha ha ha!!! :) (I guess its not nice to laugh at your friend's hardships, but when you write it so funny like that I can't help myself.) Sorry about the messes, but thanks for the chuckle... 'minty fresh'... bahhahaha!

Viviana said...

I love reading your blog. I see nothing but motherhood all over it. You do such a good job with it. Thanks for sharing.