Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Girly Girl

Kate is ALL girl.  Her favorite shoes right now are these babies:

Today, she insisted on wearing them to the park.  I tried to explain to her that heels just aren't a good choice for the playground.  But she didn't listen... just like a typical 21 month old, sheesh! She stumbled around the wood chips on the playground for a long time before she finally admitted defeat and insisted on going barefoot.

The other day she wore these all morning and then I forced her to let me take them off for her nap.  She went to sleep for about 2 hours and then I heard her just waking up, so I went in her room to get her.  When I got to her crib, she looked at me while still rubbing her bleary eyes and the first thing she said was, "Shoes?"  (And she meant these yellow heels, oh yes she did.  I tried playing dumb and offered her sandals.  She wanted NONE of that.)

I'm really not sure there's anything more comical than these little thunder thighs ending in those shoes.  I'm sad because her little chubby feet can BARELY squeeze into them anymore :(

And bows and clips?  She loves them!  Claire will refuse to leave the house rather than be caught dead wearing a ribbon in her hair.  But Kate requested this hairstyle awhile ago:

Claire and Scott have this set of magnetic pieces that build cars.  The wheel pieces have treads on them that they discovered can be removed.  Whenever Kate finds these removed car wheel treads, do you know what she does with them???

Wears them like bracelets.
For hours at a time!

She's not even 2 years old yet, but we've known all along that Kate is super girly.  Her first word was "shoes."  You wanna debate about "nature vs. nurture"?  Once you have 2 girls that you raised pretty darn near the same and one turns out like Claire and the other turns out like Kate, there is NO question.  They come with their own little personalities.  And the personality on this one is cracking me up!


Janssen said...

That is SO awesome. What a cute little girl she is.

Corinda said...

Oh, those shoes are so stinkin' cute! Even if I'm not one, you gotta love a serious girly girl!