Monday, June 4, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

We survived the end of the school year!  All of the end-of-the-school-year madness has ensured my need for vacation.  I'm sure there's some sort of profound irony in that, but my brain is too fried to figure it out.

Scott at his End-of-the-Year Kindergarten Luau.
He turned out to be quite the hula-hooper even though he'd never picked up a hoop before!

We jumped right into vacation with a visit from my aunt who lives in California.  We stayed overnight for a couple nights at my parents' house while she was here in order to maximize visit time.  We toured downtown with her on Memorial Day.

Following Grandpa exploring in Zilker Park.

The kids fleeing from Grandpa as he splashed them with water!

My dad with his grand-kid entourage.

And at the end of our time in Zilker, we almost got run over by this guy hauling his canoe up the path:
I got tired just watching him!


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