Monday, June 18, 2012

Sea World

We finally went to celebrate Claire and Scott's birthdays. 

Claire and Scott chose to go to Sea World as a family rather than have a party.  I was totally fine with that!  Less work for me, and practically the same cost as two parties.

However, we had to wait until after soccer season was over and life calmed down a little to actually go.  On the other hand, we needed to go before Kate turned three and would actually require a paid ticket!  Two Saturdays ago fit the bill perfectly.  It was crowded, but not so bad that we felt like we didn't get to do everything we wanted to.

We also got to have my sister and her family come with us for free because of my brother-in-law's military service.  I love that Sea World does that.

We had an absolutely wonderful time.  Sea World is so much more pleasant than many other amusement parks.  Less standing, more sitting to watch a show.  Fewer lines because it's less ride-based.  More shade at shows or even air conditioned indoor exhibits.  My only complaint was that I was at the tail end of a cold that had made me lose my voice.  It's REALLY hard to get your kid's attention at a busy amusement park when you don't have a voice.

Oh yah, and one more complaint.  I had to wear glasses all day.  I don't have prescription sunglasses so I was squinting all day.  And sunscreen and sweat meant my glasses were sliding down all day.  And at the Shamu show, Claire was DYING to sit in the "splash zone."  It's a super big pain to wipe salt water off your glasses.  (Not to mention your camera lens!)  I'm SO glad this glasses wearing thing is almost over!!!

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