Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So Long, Contacts!

Today is a momentous day.  This very well could be the last day I wear contacts.  EVER.  I am strangely freaked out by this.  The reason for bidding contacts farewell is that I am getting lasik soon, but that's not what's freaking me out.  Cutting a flap on my eye with lasers and what have you... no biggie.  I'm not freaked by the prospect of surgery, but of being without contacts.  I have worn them since the 8th grade, so more than half of my life.  I got glasses 22 years ago.  What will this be like???  I think I will feel naked at first, kind of like when you forget to put on a watch or wedding ring that you always wear.

But I am really excited!  I'm so glad the timing is finally right for this!

PS - Just a little tip.  Do not stock up on contact solution at Costco when they have a coupon if there is a chance that out of the blue a couple months later your husband will suggest that you spring for lasik.  There is a remote chance that your frugality logic is so messed up that you will be apprehensive about permanently fixing your myopia and leading a life of carefree joy and unencumbered good vision just so you can use up the rest of the contact solution supply you bought. (Issues?  What issues?)

PPS - Anyone interested in buying some contact solution at deep discount?  New and unopened!


wendy_d23 said...

Good luck. I have to say it ranks up there in the top 3 things I have ever done in my life. (yes, it beat out the children, it is that amazing. Carefree life of joy is an understatement. Even the week of not seeing (had to have mine scraped off, not cut open) was no biggee compared to waking up in the middle of the night and being able to read the clock. What joy awaits you.

Leann said...


Jessica & Nathan said...

I will of course buy your solution . . . at cost even.