Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And The Winner Is...


Winner of what you'd probably like to know. Good Question. It turns out that unbeknown to the rest of the world a quiet stand off has been taking place between G and I for some time now. Think on the level of U.S. and Iran but not quite to the North Korea/South Korea level.

The crux of the issue lies here:

This is the diaper bag we used with Claire. It has a few pros: made of nylon instead of pleather, more than one pocket, not fluorescent, etc. It has some cons: looks "sporty" (not good in our case), made of nylon instead of something nicer, is a diaper bag, etc.

I considered this bag Totally Adequate (TM). This bag was so much better than the contractor style garbage bag we would have carried around if I had been in charge of this sort of thing I was content indefinitely. Then, when G was pregnant with Scott, insanity gripped her brain and she decided she needed a "better" diaper bag so we acquired a new diaper bag (below) with a different set of pros: not made of fake fur, not obviously a diaper bag, large.

It also has its cons: a little floppy, is a purse, not as many pockets as I'd like.

We kept meaning to pack multiple bags so I didn't have to look like a transvestite but there were inevitably "special" things that couldn't easily be replicated (original birth certificate, camera, noise canceling headphones, etc). They had to go back and forth anytime we went anywhere and we were lazy and usually running late so that never happened. Also, at the time, no one knew where our old diaper bag or our pile of ~37 free diaper bags had gone. So we stayed at an impasse through Scott's early childhood that mostly involved me trying to play dumb to the fact that ~90% of the time, my wife was carrying the bag with the poop wads wrapped in whatever plastic bag was available when the kid needed a diaper change.

Finally I put my foot down and declared to G that I really would like to not have to carry around a purse while caring for our child. Also, it sure would make it easier for me to take Kate somewhere if I had a less intimidating care package to take along with us (nudge nudge, wink wink).

That has finally resulted in this

[angelic choirs]

[/angelic choirs]

Come on, you gotta admit that's one awesome diaper bag.

On the run from the car seat installation zealots? Just find a bush, cradle the kid in your lap and pull this bad boy over your head.

Got a diaper loaded with standard issue #2 baby excrement and no trash can? Switch over to the (not quite) custom made diaper duck pocket and seal that puppy up with all the hermetical-ness a flimsy plastic bag can provide.

Yes, thanks to my incessant whining and a good father's day we have finally reached disarmament in our now larger family

Thanks G.


Bart said...

Oh man. M, you're amazing for lasting even one day with the black purse. I laughed hard when you wrote, "is a purse" in big, bold letters.

I don't think of myself as a macho man, but you have to draw the line sometimes. Congrats on the Father's Day gift!

Corbett Family said...

Don't let my husband see this post. We had a black leather backpack for the first two boys and he was great with it, then I got a brown and blue messenger bag for the third boy. Again, he was fine with that. However, now we have a girl, I am carrying a brown with pink polka dots diaper bag and he is just going to have to take it when he needs to take the baby somewhere or change a diaper. (Hopefully my two year old son is not scarred for life by having his diaper changed on a bright pink changing pad).

Erin said...

that's a pretty cool diaper bag! It reminds me of a conversation I recently had with a couple of friends and their 4-year-old.

Dad: What's daddy's favorite color, Abby?

Abby: Camo.

azufelt said...

Oh, and my vote was for bag #2 (go figure!!)

I do like however, with the new model, that if you need to blend into some amount of dull surrounding brush, that task is easily pulled off.

Kristen said...

I like the black bag. Have the exact same one. Michael just carries the bag in his hand, not on his shoulder, the rare times he carries it. Women do have it 90% of the time, so I think they should pick, but I do like the new one. I love some camo.