Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It IS Gross

Kate's umbilical cord stump still hasn't fallen off.

In the wise words of Scott, "What's that brown thing? I don't like that brown thing. That's gross."

Too true, Scott, too true... I don't like that brown thing either. Nor do I like swabbing it with alcohol at every diaper change to adhere to the whim of whatever the doctors are advising in that regard THIS week. And, for the record, I don't like sponge baths either. I can't wait until I can just dunk her.

Kate turned three weeks old yesterday. That pesky umbilical cord of hers, trying to keep up it's problem causing status for as long as possible. I am a true mother because I am blaming myself and trying to figure out what I have done wrong. Did I over swab? Did I accidentally get it wet with my sub-par sponge bath skills? Did I forget to do the ritualistic stump dance? Nevermind the fact that all three of my kids haven't lost their umbilical stump until they were over two weeks old. It couldn't possibly be just "the way my babies roll." No, no. Perhaps I will just tell myself that the doctors are making it up when they say it usually takes 10-14 days to fall off, right? RIGHT???


Ralphie said...

Erin's fell off the day we got home from the hospital. It freaked me out!

A week or so would be nice, huh? Something right in the middle.

renaekingsley said...

That's funny. I love how doctors are always changing their advice. When I had Daniel they said NOT to swab it with any alcohol since it would dry up and fall off faster that way. I don't listen to doctors anymore. They always contradict themselves a few months later.

Corinda said...

I agree with Scott. Yuck!

Sheyenne said...

Are you pulling it up and swabbing underneath? I didn't know I was supposed to do that and it was all nasty under there. Once I started, it came off quickly.

Kristen Joy said...

I thought it would be about poop. Thats more gross to me. It usually took about 3 weeks for all of our kids.

Leann said...

Ok, so Reid's cord fell off at 7 days... but not really, it was just kidding. The big chunk fell off. But then there was still this piece inside his belly button that was definitely cord and not belly button, but it wouldn't dry out! It finally healed up somewhere around 3 weeks.

So we didn't have the big gross thing, but did have to do sponge baths for forever.

azufelt said...

Yah, not on board with the swabbing, I think it's stupid. With Tristan they just cut it off at the hospital (to place an IV line). But why can't they jsut do that for every baby... I mean, really, infection is over-rated anyway.

Anonymous said...

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