Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a Waste of Two Thirds of a Cake!


Claire and Scott had their birthdays recently.  We didn't do a party this year, but instead we went camping at their request.  (More on that later.)

I finished this birthday banner just in the nick of time.  The concept was part of a church craft day back in October.  I received most of the supplies and just had to pick out my own fabrics.  Which I promptly did in February.  So, obviously, I'm really on top of my crafting.  (Don't even ask what ELSE is half done in my house!)

On a Saturday between their two birthdays, they had to share a cake for our little family celebration of pizza, cake, and ice cream.  They couldn't agree on the cake.

Claire: I want vanilla.

Scott: I want chocolate.

Claire: No!  I want vanilla!

Scott: NO! Chocolate!!!

Claire: Wait!  Nevermind.  I want PINK!

G:  Fine guys, here:

In fact, in order to keep the peace, we'll just go with Neapolitan ice cream too:

And here it is pre-massacre in my beloved cake dome:

(Seriously.  Not witty enough right now to adequately express the irrational love I have for this cake dome.)


renae nelson kingsley said...

I love the birthday banner! It looks so great!How is it made?

Corinda said...

What a beautiful banner and cake (and cake receptacle). Who cares what else may be half done when the final results for this were fantastic!

Leann said...

What's the waste part about?
I love the cake... it is awesome! Its beautiful and peacemaking all at the same time. Did you have to cut the tops to make it flat enough?
I understand the cake dome. I love it too... I still am ambivalent who's I like more. Your GORGEOUS cake dome, or my super functional stainless steel one (given to me by the awesomest person). They both have so many things I desire... if only I could have all those aspects in one cake dome.

Leann said...
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G said...


Any cake that is not chocolate is a waste of cake :)

Yes, I had to cut the tops flat.

I wish I had BOTH cake domes. But I already have a plastic one kind of like your SS one, so I can't justify the acquisition.

Liz H. said...

love the cake!!

Jessica & Nathan said...

What an amazing cake! I love you. You are such a good mom!

stampinashley said...

I'll second any motion on how awesome the banner is, as well as how freakin' sweet the cake dome is. Oh yeah, I'm in love with the squence of neapolitan cake and cie cream too... TOO cool. (and whoe cares if the kids whos' birthdays it was didn't like it... you like it and you made it, so that's what counts. Or atleast, that's how it works around here!!)