Monday, April 26, 2010

Do You Know How to Act Like an Aardvark?

Every Monday night we have a family night.  We all take turns picking a treat, an activity/game, etc.  One of the kids' favorite games is "Pretend to Be Animals."  (Doesn't the naming creativity just blow you away?)  We each take turns acting like an animal and everyone has to guess what animal we're pretending to be.  It's nice because even very little kids can usually bark or moo enough to take a turn.  But as our kids are getting older, and more importantly in order to entertain each other, M and I have started digging pretty deep for our animal choices.

The other night, M was crawling around on all fours, yipping, and, near as I could tell, pretending to eat Kate.

G - "You're a coyote?"
M shakes his head
Scott - "You're a dog?"
Claire - "You're a wolf?"
M shakes his head and yips and yips and barks some more.  The kids laugh hysterically.
G - "Okay... you're a hyena?"
M shakes his head and proceeds to mock nibbling Kate some more.  More laughing at Dad's absurd behavior.
G - "So you... eat? babies?"
M nods emphatically.
G - "Wha????"
M continues frantically pantomiming.
G - "I just don't know.  What ARE you???"
Scott - "You're... you're... YOU'RE A STUPID MAN!"

Well Scott, that may typically be true of a grown man who crawls around on all fours, yips, and pretends to eat his daughter, but I'm not sure that's what he was going for.

Anyone want to hazard a guess about what he was pretending to be?  I was too dense to catch on and after I finally stopped laughing at Scott's comment, M had to tell me the answer.

PS - I've found the best way to get someone to guess "aardvark" is to crawl around on all fours while humming the Sesame Street song.


Curtis Gibby said...

Did a DINGO eat your baby?

Leann said...


Janssen said...

I love it! One of my best memories of FHE is doing scripture charades and my mom's attempt to act out "prod" as in "prodigal son."

Corinda said...

That is hilarious. I'm impressed with M's creativity!