Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Costumes 2011

Claire wanted to be a butterfly this year, so I went the lazy route and bought her wings.  But we still bought glitter and customized them because Claire was not satisfied with plain pink:


Scott is obsessed with all things Wild Kratts right now, so OF COURSE he was going to pick an animal that had been featured on the show.  He picked a black rhino and I tried to oblige.  It was far too warm to make some full-body outfit, so I figured a head covering and a tail with black pants and t-shirt would suffice.  This one required the most thinking for me on how to make it, but I think it turned out pretty recognizable as a rhino (asking anyone to know he was a black rhino might be a bit much to ask):

Kate wanted to be Hello Kitty, of course:

And even Hello Kitty has a little tail:

And I indulged her and bought this exorbitantly expensive trick-or-treat bucket ($8!!!! Really???) just to tip people off that she was more than just a "cat":

Even with yellow paint on her nose and whiskers, I don't think it was that obvious that she was something beyond a cat, but who cares.  She loved it and, really, a toddler costume of any kind with ears, a tail, and a dress is pretty cute:

M and I dressed up too, but I forgot to take bloggable photos:

 Your search is over!!!

 Just call me Rosie...

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