Friday, November 4, 2011


I've lost a total of 10 pounds now in approximately the last 2 months.  YAY!  I am now back to what I weighed before I got pregnant with Claire.  Unfortunately, that's not as awesome as it may sound.  I'm weird.  I weighed less each time I got pregnant.  5 pounds less than this when I got pregnant with Scott and almost 10 pounds less than this when I got pregnant with Kate.

But here is another sewing project that's been helping distract me:

This sweater used to be a V-neck pullover, but I almost never wore it because a) I live in Texas and I hardly ever need a sweater,  b) it fit a bit short for my taste, and c) the few times I do want a sweater, I rarely want one I have to pull on and off over my head.

So, inspired by some pins I saw on Pinterest, I turned it into a cardigan, and now I LOVE it!  I have the exact same sweater in a dark charcoal gray, so stay tuned because it's definitely getting chopped too!


Michelle Walkenhorst said...

Love the new cardigan. For Halloween, I was on the sewing diet. It works great! I was too busy to be hungry.

Leann said...

it is SOOO cute... too bad you don't have a before shot to show how cool it looks!

Britt said...

you look great! fun idea for the sweater...i keep saving some "eh" clothes to do all these neat projects with in the future, but never get around to them.