Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photography Challenge Day #7 - Fruit

It may be so hot in the Texas summer that you can't keep a garden alive past June, but at least in the 
winter the grocery store is full of these babies:

(Also?  I really want a macro lens.)

Texas grapefruit have become part of our Christmas morning breakfast tradition.  YUM!

Before I went to the store and saw that grapefruit had come in season, I was thinking that a photo of my new jacket might work for this prompt too:

It is kinda fruity, isn't it?  But I love it!  It's a hand me down from my aunt.  I'd been craving a coat that was kinda... irresponsible.  I love my gray wool pea coat, but sometimes it's fun to spice things up.  On the other hand, I am loathe to spend a lot of money on a coat that will only get worn a couple weeks every year here in Texas unless it's pretty classic.  So when I saw this in the box of stuff she sent, it made my day.  And since my sister and I were splitting the items in the box, I was extra thrilled when my sister said she didn't want it because it didn't work for her.  What do you think?  Was my sister wiser than me, or did I luck out?


I want to force myself to practice taking photos a little more, so I'll be posting for this 30 Day Photography Challenge even though the "official" challenge is over.  Posts may or may not be daily.

My rules for my self are:
1 - Take everything in manual mode
2 - No post-processing, only SOOC


Sherry said...

I think you lucked out. It's way cool.

I hate grapefruit. The end.

anitamombanita said...

I love grapefruit, especially the pink Texas variety. As for the coat, if you keep eating grapefruit, you can definitely wear the jacket. I think it's kinda funky and fun!

Corinda said...

I love the jacket--it looks like it has a really flattering cut. :)

Liz H. said...

love the coat!! great pic of the grapefruit too!

Janssen said...

Definitely a win!

Kim said...

That is fabulous! Also, you should have worn it last night so I could have oohed and ahhed over it! ;)

Leann said...

I love the coat! WAY FUN!