Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photography Challenge Day #6 - From a Low Angle


I learned something about shooting in manual mode.  When it's a very dark cloudy day and you're chasing your toddler around your kitchen trying to get photos of her shoes, the lighting changes A LOT.  It's really hard to keep your photos properly exposed and your white balanced.  Especially when adjusting your settings will take 0.5 seconds and she will only stay in one place for about 0.3 seconds.  Maybe toddlers do occasionally call for not shooting in manual mode?  SIGH...



I want to force myself to practice taking photos a little more, so I'll be posting for this 30 Day Photography Challenge even though the "official" challenge is over.  Posts may or may not be daily.

My rules for my self are:
1 - Take everything in manual mode
2 - No post-processing, only SOOC

1 comment:

anitamombanita said...

I feel your pain! LOL. Good job, though. It's been fun to watch you challenge yourself photographically.