Friday, November 30, 2007

But I Wanted to See a DOCTOR!

I'm sure this will offend some of you. I wish I felt bad.

On Wednesday morning, the other guy's insurance called to ask me if I was injured. When I admitted that I had some neck pain, they wanted me to go see a doctor. They said if I went to the doctor they set up I wouldn't pay anything. I knew I was fine, but I agreed. I mean, it seemed like it might be a good idea to see a doctor in case I was oblivious to some serious injury I had sustained. My mind was swirling with conflict of interest issues, but whatever.

All might have been well and good had they actually sent me to see a doctor. When I got to the address they gave me, there was no doctor to be found. Only a jeans and t-shirt clad, gum chewing, 19-year-old-looking female CHIROPRACTOR!!!


Kristi said...

FYI, I am only 68% addicted to blogging. Ha! It really irritates me to that they sent you to a chiropractor. Chiropractors are phonies. It's one thing I actually feel pretty strongly about (used to work for a physical therapist). Anyway, I hope you get feeling better!

Anonymous said...

To this day, I don't put a lot of stock in chiros, either. I think they're quacks as much as anyone else who holds that opinion. However, I had a bizarre experience with one a few years back (and, admittedly, still the only experience I'll probably ever have with a chiro) that happened because a friend suggested it and I was simply desperate and would haved tried anything at that point. I saw the chiro for approx. 1 month, and I can't remember what kinesiology technique he used on me (it was truly unbelievable), but he successfully treated my problem (one that my doctor/specialist couldn't even accurately diagnose) with an herb. I wasn't a believer in herbal or homeopathic cures, either, and still would only resort to that out of desperation, but in that case, the results were amazing.

In your case, though, seeing a teenage chiro out of someone's garage(practically) sounds a little too shady. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Ralphie said...

Eh eh eh! Whoo ha ha!

Sheyenne said...

I think your first mistake was going to a doctor that THEY set up. If you go to your own doctor, I think they're still going to have to pay for it eventually because it was the other guys fault. Never go along with the OTHER guy's insurance company. So did she say there was nothing wrong?

ashley said...

I'm interested in what kind of jeans this chiro was wearing... nice ones? brand name? baggy? scroungy? I mean, that could relaly tell you a lot about the person and what kind of quack doc they are. Right?

By the way, I am just beginning my "blogging life" of course Tristan has set me on this path to hapiness, I soon will be addicted as well!