Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Backyard Dreams

Right now, our backyard looks like this:

Except nix the patio furniture, it belonged to the previous owner. Instead add more brown to the grass, 2 plastic patio chairs, a couple dying potted plants, and a gas grill (at least the gas grill is nice!).

This is the almost final draft of the plan my sister is doing for our backyard:

If you need help interpreting:
- WF = water feature
- There's a shed and garden in the back right corner, and an "open use" area for whatever (sand box, hammock, play equipment, hot tub, stuff that will "grow" with our family) and a 2nd sitting area in the back left
- To the left of the patio and to the right and up from the 2nd sitting area are 2 woodland garden areas
- The pokey trees are evergreens and the rest are deciduous.
- The only big change to this will be that the tree above the deck will be gone

Oh, how my sister rocks. She'll bring the big, detailed, final one at Christmas. I'm so excited. You like? I can't wait to "dig in."


Ralphie said...

Your sister draws beautiful plans. As we both know! I love the lines.

Bart Bradshaw said...

Very nice! Especially that you actually want to do the yard work. :)

Mary Beth said...

That is so cool!

Pickles & Dimes said...

What kind of water feature? A pond? A KOI POND?!?!?!?

(I really, really want a koi pond in my yard.)