Saturday, November 17, 2007

We All Need More Sesame Street in Our Lives

Part 2 in the continuing series about why I love Sesame Street

Ralphie posted one of her favorite Sesame Street guest celebrity appearances (James Taylor, so fabulous) and got me in the mood to wallow in Sesame Street adoration.

Let a little R.E.M. put a smile on your face.

Does it get much better than Michael Stipe moshing with muppets?


. said...

That really did brighten up my day! I will confess to an equal love of the Street known as Sesame.... I truly believe that those clip are placed there for us...the parents who once sat in adoration and now allow our own children the gift of the Street!

Bart said...

Gotta' love R.E.M. Their album, Out of Time, was my first CD ever. My first tape cassette was the B52's.

I've never seen these great little videos! Feel free to keep them coming if you have more. :)