Friday, November 16, 2007

Just Routine Me to Death

UPDATE - I realized while talking to M tonight that I forgot the MOST annoying part of Claire's bizzare ritual. I have remedied the situation below.


Claire is addicted to routine. Scary addicted. I will highlight one of her current annoying obsessions. Every time I put her in her bed for quiet-time-that-sometimes-turns-into-nap-time (Hallelujah!), we have to:

1. Read a book
2. Give Claire the option to go potty one last time
3. Hold her a specific way and sing the same obscure church hymn every time
4. Give Claire a certain cup with a few sips of water
5. Before she can accept the cup of water, Claire must place the back of her right hand on her forehead and her left hand on her bedpost and recite the same nearly unintelligible quote from Toy Story that goes something like this, "Gah! How am I going to convince those guys it was an accident..." Then she forces a completely fake laugh, every single time. From there it trails off into garbled sounds that I think, at least back when this all started, were names including "Buzz."

I won't bore you with the endless list of steps from there. (And this is only nap time, imagine the added complexities of bedtime!) #5 is the point. What is that?!?!? If I try to give her the cup before she's done, she will try to balance the cup in her lap so both hands are free for this ritual. It's a shame that my child is such a weirdo. Do other (non-Rain Man) kids do this?


By the way, in case any of you were running out to buy Juicy Juice's Harvest Mystery or Autumn Conundrum or whatever it is, DON'T GET THE ORANGE MANGO FLAVOR! We liked the Tropical flavor, but yesterday we cracked open the orange mango flavor. When I first tasted it, I actually thought it had gone bad. Now don't get me wrong, I love fresh mangoes, but you know how they do kind of have a "peaches dipped in kerosene" like quality? Well, multiply that by about 20 and then let it get so ripe it goes bad and that's what this stuff tastes like to me. Claire likes it, so I'm generously saving it all for her.

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Ralphie said...

I want to see this routine soo bad. It's just so funny that she has no idea she's so funny.