Monday, November 12, 2007

Scott's Stash

I guess this is what I get for leaving Scott's high chair too close to the window. We had guests over, so we had moved it from it's usual position in the middle of our tiled combination family room dining room. The middle of the room is good because it's far far away from any walls. You should have seen the state of the wall in our old apartment that had the misfortune of being next to Scott's high chair. Just think culinary Jackson Pollock. No wonder we still haven't switched him from a high chair to a booster. After the visitors left, we were lazy about moving his high chair back to it's correct position, so I suppose we deserved this.

Maybe he was hoping to save a little hot dog for later as a snack.
Scott, I promise I feed you regularly. Even if hot dogs and candy aren't always on the menu, there's no need to horde.


Ralphie said...

Maybe he was doing a scientific experiment. You know, like raisins.

Bart Bradshaw said...

I used to hoard food too! That's how I learned what fermented grape juice smells like (I put a whole pitcher of grape juice in a drawer, left it for about a week, then decided not to drink it after all. Good instincts, I guess).