Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Does That Imply Furikake is American Food?

On Saturday we hunted down a nice big Asian market so we could stock up on cheap (especially compared to our neighborhood grocery store) Calrose rice. While I was there I thought I'd grab some other Asian foodstuffs that I can't get at my usual grocery store.

Should it worry me that to find what I was looking for I had to go to the "International" aisle of the Asian market???

(NOTE: Okay, so really the problem was that I was at a Chinese/Vietnamese store and wanted to find a few Japanese things too.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Gretchen! I bet you found my blog from Kristen's blog, because that's how I found yours! (Well that, and only 2 other people have my blog on theirs.) You have a great sense of humor and you are a talented photographer; loved your pictures from your Japan trip! Just wanted to say hey! :) -Jessica

Kristen said...

ok, i have never even heard of those foods you mentioned...so it can't be American. I loved your comment on my blog about supplying tylers soda fix. It made me laugh out loud:)