Monday, May 26, 2008

Scott, Candyland is Not a Contact Sport

We were playing a family game of Candyland the other night. Scott's a bit young, but we try to include him. He was pretty good at drawing a card. And he was pretty good at naming the color he had drawn. Then we would point to where he should move his piece. He would tap it there, then continue along the Candyland path, walking/tapping his piece along, completely ignoring the rules of the game. When he came upon one of our pieces, he would destroy the atmosphere of confectionery utopia by running into our piece and knocking it over. I think he has the games Candyland and Sorry confused. It was very difficult to memorize where everyone's pieces were all the time so the game could survive Scott's onslaught. Eventually he decided to walk his piece all the way to the end and then he threw his arms up in the air and exclaimed in a grunty raspy voice, "Uh! I win!" At least then he lost interest and we got to finish our game in peace.

(And in case you were wondering, no, I didn't win. I rarely do.)

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Kristen said...

How did Claire take it that he destroyed the game? My older kids go loco when the younger one destroys like that...I like this quote, "destroy the atmosphere of confectionery utopia" how do you come up with such descriptive literary phrases?