Monday, May 5, 2008

Feeling Berried

So I've been bad about finishing my Japan posts, I know. My excuse was that I was too busy having fun with M's sister R all week. We had so much fun! Serendipitously, Claire's preschool was at a house a few blocks from the local outlet mall. So while Claire was at preschool, there was much acquisition of clothing and accessories. I just think it's so much more fun to shop with a friend! There was also much eating while she was here. Eating in, eating out, eating when we weren't hungry anymore, inviting more friends over as an excuse to eat grilled Costco steaks. OH, the eating! On the last day she was here, we drove a great distance to do yet another food related activity:

We got pink fingers:

Except for Scott, who got brown fingers (and hands and feet):

He found the only mud puddle in the whole strawberry field.

When he was done getting muddy, Scott tried to make a break for it. Thank goodness for the fabulous Aunt R. She did the running while I did the picture taking.

Then Scott found the wagon. In case you were wondering, prying his little fingers off that and dragging him home was not fun.

Then we got home and made more food:

The darker ones on the left are regular strawberry jam and the lighter ones on the right are no sugar added ones made with Splenda for M.
Who knew leaving my beloved sugar out would be prettier?


ashley said...

Mmmhhh... Berries....! Both of the jams look great! I should really learn how, homemade is seriously the best stuff ever!

Glad you had a good time with M's sister!

Bart said...

I love strawberry jam. And we're down to only two jars, so it's about time for us to follow suit.

Leann said...

Oh my word, Scott looks like a mini-M... seriously, its so cute.