Thursday, May 8, 2008

Double Phew

I did it. I finished my last turn for the school year teaching Claire's preschool today. I didn't even scream at any of the children! Thank goodness this was the last time for a good long while, and possibly ever with this same group of kids. I can't help but wonder. Did I feel at my wits' end today because the kids were that much harder than usual? (Claire did throw a full blown tantrum...) Or is it because I knew it was the last time? Does the very near possibility of it being over make it that much harder to bear? It frequently seems like things are the worst just before they're over. Does that happen to you too?

The latest update on Scott and his crib? Still climbing in every time he goes to sleep. Still hasn't climbed OUT yet. (Knock on wood...)


Kristen said...

towards the end of the year teaching is tough...i think b/c you're ready for it to be over and it doesn't come soon enough. You yell at the kids,too?:) Well, try not to yell. I get all loco mom when 5 year old girls gang up on my 2 year old daughter and she gets it. But I'll torture myself again next year with the next child.

Sheyenne said...

I go crazy on the last day that Dario's out of town, almost everytime he travels.

Leann said...

Somehow, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, somehow makes the light seem so much further away. One of the many ironies of life.