Monday, January 10, 2011

In 6 Days We Ate Meals in 10 Different States

Over Christmas vacation, we took quite the road trip.  And then M and I took a road trip within the road trip.

We visited a total of 12 states and the District of Columbia on our 14 day trip:  7 states over 2 days on the way there (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama on day 1 and Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia on day 2), we added the District of Columbia the 2nd day we were there, we hit 4 more states over 2 days on the little getaway M and I took on our 3rd and 4th day (Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey on day 1 and New York on day 2), and we went through 1 more state (Arkansas) on the way back home to Texas because we took a different route.

(Note: We missed getting a photo of anything to represent our time in Alabama.  Oops.  And we ate breakfast in Texas on our way out because, honestly?  It takes a long time to get OUT of Texas.  But we didn't get a photo of anything to represent Texas, it being home and all.  Also, although we were in Georgia and the District of Columbia, we did not eat any meals there.  We can only claim eating meals in 11 different states.  Darn!  )

Stay tuned for details on our vacation.  And our meta-vacation.


Leann said...

I look forward to the details.

Lisa Wells said...

so wait, you took a vacation just to drive through the states? it sounds like you didnt actually get out of the car except to eat and presumably pee...?

G said...

@ Lisa: Ha ha! In some ways it felt like that. But in reality once we got to Virginia we had 7 days hanging out with M's family without traveling anywhere. (They live in VA but so close to D.C. that when we would go into D.C. it barely counted as traveling.)

Lisa Wells said...

ok...that makes a bit more sense. i didnt know there was an actual destination in sounded like you just decided to take a road trip and pass through a bunch of states without actually staying in any of them...which would be odd, and a lot of gas