Thursday, January 13, 2011

Listening to Your Bladder is Good for the Soul

If you have to drive halfway across the country, I HIGHLY recommend having your 6 year old need a potty break just as you cross the Alabama/Mississippi border.

Especially if that happens to fall right at sunset.

 The Mississippi Welcome Center on the banks of the Mississippi River made a great pit stop.

Thanks Claire - or at least Claire's bladder - for forcing us to "stop and smell the roses" a little.

We made the 24 hour drive from Texas to the Washington D.C. metro area in two days.  We certainly didn't take much time to relax in those two days, but this serendipitous stop was definitely a highlight.


Lori said...

Let's make a deal: If you'll send me a framed and signed 8x10 of the sunset, I'll send you a Box4Blox....whattdaya think?

Liz H. said...

wow! beautiful pics!

Jana said...

your photography is amazing!