Friday, January 21, 2011

You Could "Count" On How This Would Turn Out

Lately Claire has a problem with being scared.  I don't even know what of - it changes almost daily.  Just really spooked, especially when she's by herself, especially at night.  So needless to say, bedtime can be a little rough.
Tonight she didn't want to go into the bathroom by herself to brush her teeth.  M told her she needed to and they had the following "conversation":
C [yelling] - Rule number one:  I'm too scared.
M - Rule number zero:  You have to do it anyway.
C - Rule number negative one:  I can't.  I'm too scared.
M - Rule number negative infinity:  I don't care.
C - Rule number negative... infinity infinity infinity:  I don't care.
And for those of you who didn't get to see this on Facebook:
Claire's ultimatum the other night when we put her in time out: "If you do that, I'm going to tell you in my MOST STERNEST VOICE..."
(I don't know where she got this.  We don't say that phrase to her.  Those darn books she's always reading...)

Claire's screamed defense the next night when we put her in time out: "I have SCIENTIFIC REASONS why this is ALL SCOTT'S FAULT. It's because HE doesn't EAT ENOUGH and so he's TOO SKINNY!"

Bonus points if you can guess what Claire did that was supposedly Scott's fault for being too skinny!

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G said...

ANSWER: Scott was pretending to be a dinosaur and "biting" at Claire (without actually touching her). Claire scratched Scott in "self-defense." She gave him a huge gouge down his back. Claire says she didn't mean to scratch him THAT hard. Supposedly if Scott ate more and wasn't so skinny then somehow he wouldn't have gotten hurt so bad.