Friday, November 2, 2012

Making Earrings to Match

 I picked up this necklace on clearance awhile ago at Target:

I love it!  But I every time I wore it I had the darnedest time figuring out what earrings to wear.  The metal was so dark that bright silvers looked wrong.  And the style of the necklace seemed to clash with a lot of my black earrings.  I looked and looked every time I was in a store for something that might work, and I just couldn't find anything that seemed right.  So I decided I had no other choice than to make my own earrings.

I took a trip to the craft store to buy some black earring hooks.  Then I took my needle-nose pliers to the necklace and removed two same-sized balls, one from each side of the necklace.  Luckily, there are so many balls, that you don't really notice 2 are missing.  The balls were just attached to a chain grid, so it was super easy to find symmetrically placed ones to remove. I just bent open the looped wire attaching them to the necklace and bent it closed onto the earring hook:

I love the result!  Although this necklace was especially conducive to scavenging earrings off of, I bet this could be done with more necklaces.  I totally need to go see what other necklaces in my jewelry box have earrings on them waiting to happen!

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