Friday, November 2, 2012

A Duck, A Gecko, and Belle

Claire's costume request this year was a duck.  Largely motivated by her skill at making a duck call noise.  (Hey, whatever floats her boat.):

I bought a little duck face/bill visor and some wings:

I made a feather edged tutu, bought orange tights, and made duck feet to go over her shoes:

Scott's request was to be a gecko.  That's their school mascot, so it's a little less random than it seems:

We modified a dragon costume pattern to not have spines and to have more bulbous fingers.  I doubt anyone knew to guess "gecko" just by looking at him, but I think we did okay.  If he keeps picking obscure animal costumes, he's going to have to accept the price of no one knowing what he is!

Kate got to wear Claire's old Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume.  She LOVED twirling in it:

But we forgot her fake glove things the night I took these pictures before the church party, so I promised her I would take more on actual Halloween night WITH her gloves.  Pardon the poor lighting:

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