Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pictionary Problems

While my mother in law was here visiting, we went over to hang out at my parents' house.  We got a little game of Pictionary going where someone on one team wrote clues for the other team.  When Claire's turn to draw came up, she got to one clue she was really struggling with:  "Romans"

She tried to draw columns and people in togas with ivy around their heads.  Really her drawings were great, but we just weren't guessing it.  Finally she ended up passing and moving to another clue.  When it was all over, we asked what the clue was that she had passed.  "Romans," she said.  

But the person who wrote the clues was baffled because she hadn't written that as one of the clues.

"Let me see that..."

Who knew that "subway" could look like "Romans" if you look at it upside down!

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