Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Claire "Going Home"

The big event for today is that we now officially own our first house. But I'm not ready to write about that. Maybe I'm in denial, or maybe it's buyer's remorse, or maybe I'm still processing it all. Or maybe I just figure the longer I ramble, the longer I can delay dealing with the train-wreck that is our house following the last couple days...

So instead let me say: If you don't know where to find Claire, just check under Scott's crib!

Let me give a little history: M is still frustrated that Scott gave away his fabulous hiding spot during our family game of hide-and-go-seek last night. I was "seeking" and M was hiding under Scott's crib. I would have never thought he'd fit under there so I would never have looked there if Scott didn't keep looking behind the dust ruffle down there. I asked Scott what was under there, thinking perhaps I would find a rogue sippy cup of milk or something.

INTERRUPTION!!! Scott was crying in his crib when I thought he was already asleep. Unlike Claire who will summon every imaginable excuse to delay going to sleep, he NEVER cries unless something is actually wrong. Turns out he had his foot wedged in between the crib slats.

So back to my story. Like I said, I looked under Scott's crib and there was M!

Well, maybe even a little more history is relevant: We're getting ready to move in about a week and a half. We used to keep a whole bunch of water bottles under the kids' beds, but now we moved them out to the garage to get ready for the move. Why is there water under their beds you ask? Well, we clean out old juice bottles from Costco and fill them with water in case of an emergency. Maybe we're a little weird, but it works for us. Lo and behold, this quirky habit turned out to have a secondary benefit. Claire stopped being as afraid of monsters at bedtime when we told her they wouldn't fit under her bed - there's too much water under there! NO ROOM FOR MONSTERS! It all works together very nicely. As far as she's concerned, water must have some sort of Monster-repelling powers (nod to Signs) because not only are there normally about 20 some-odd bottles of water under her bed, but Mom and Dad also use the "monster spray" gimmick on her. Some water in a spray bottle is the best monster-repellent money can buy. Way to go H2O!!! (Okay, now I'm just being cheesy...)

Anyway, now that the water's gone from under the kids' beds, M could fit in a place he normally couldn't. Claire thought that was hilarious!!! Monkey see, monkey do! So now, when I make "unreasonable demands" like "Don't hit your brother!" or "Let's eat dinner!" Claire will run into her room and "go home" which I've found out adds up to hiding under Scott's crib...

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Janssen said...

I found your blog from your comment on Ralphie's post. I love those pictures of your kids in the side bar. Fun to see what you are all up to, especially when you aren't in our ward anymore!