Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scott's Urgent Message

Here we go again! Scott starts crying. I look at him and he's got his little index finger hyper-extended and jabbing the air. He's got his bottom lip jutting out a mile. And he's making sounds that are a combination of forced crying and incoherent babble (lots of "yah" and "nah" noises). If it's really bad, he proceeds to run up to me and try to hide/slam his head into my legs. He's trying to tell me something, but what? This is Scott's version of a tattletale. His finger is pointed in Claire's direction.

Scott still doesn't really speak at all. Somehow I always thought that I'd only have to deal with the bane of tattling with children who speak, but I was wrong. Scott has mastered the art of tattling without speech. I keep trying to tell him that his tattletales will be much more effective if he learns to talk, but he's too busy tracking Claire with that accusatory finger...

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Ralphie said...

Gretchen, I stumbled upon your blog. You're greatest fear has been realized! It CAN happen! I so happy you are doing it so that I can hear your voice in my head more often. I love that about your writing. Miss you!