Monday, July 9, 2007

Flying Fish

At church on Sunday, the poor people behind us probably vowed never to repeat that mistake. Scott is a sweet kid. He's almost always happy, eager to please, and cuddly. So naturally, when you give him nice, quiet church toys, he turns them into projectiles. Scott is all boy. He's addicted to balls of every shape and size. He loves to throw things. Claire has a beautiful fabric quiet book made by my mom. One of the pages is a pelican with a fishing rod. Hooked onto the fishing line are 3 detachable fabric fish. They are flat. Not at all spherical. But Scott throws them nonetheless. And this is not an isolated incident. Consistently, he wants us to unhook them for him so he can throw them. You would think we'd learn. On Sunday, he threw one directly at the face of someone behind us. Oh yah, and did I mention that he sucked on it first until I could almost wring spit out of it??? Maybe he thought the fish would seem more realistic if it was slimy...

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