Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday 7-Eleven!

Today 7-Eleven celebrated their 80th birthday by giving out free slurpees at their stores. The kids and I stopped by after swim lessons and got 2 free slurpees (in little cups resembling glorified shot glasses, but hey they were FREE so what do you expect?) I highly recommend the sugar free Tangerine Lime flavor. The kids didn't like it and preferred the typical cherry flavor (YUCK if you ask me), which made me happy because for once I didn't have to share my treat with them! But the best part of it all has been the number of ways Claire has found today to mangle the word "Slurpee." I've enjoyed the progression: "Shudger" "Schlurger" "Sludger" "Lurbser" "Shlurper" and finally she has settled on "Slurper." In fact, she keeps correcting me when I say "Slurpee." Well, at least she made progress and I can't really argue that "Slurpee" sounds any less disgusting than "Slurper"...

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