Monday, July 9, 2007

Here We Go!

As I sat today letting Scott poke and jab at my teeth with his toothbrush in order to appease his desire to make brushing his teeth before bed a shared event, I realized I need to actually start posting to this blog.
I've had so many "Where is the laugh track?" moments in the last few months, but they passed un-recorded because I haven't gotten my act together until now and tied up all the loose ends for getting this blog started. I had the blog address, I had the concept, but I hadn't made up my mind about how public or anonymous I wanted this blog to be. I finally set up a more anonymous account for myself. I think I've struck a good balance. For those who know who I am, so be it. For those who might stumble upon this blog without my explicit invitation, so be it. I suspect that most people who ever see this will see it because I told them about it anyway, so I don't know why I care, but anyway... (Delusions of grandeur!)
So here we go! I will start posting to this blog, even if only for my own personal gratification. (Hey, it's cheaper than therapy, right?)

PS - I suspect this will be mostly a text-based blog. If you wanted pretty pictures of my kids, then there's 2 options: (1) If you actually know me, ask me and I'll happily give you a link to our Shutterfly collection (2) If you don't actually know me, then deal with it. It's really not appropriate for strangers to be staring at my kids. (It's bad enough that you can read about all the silly things they do...)

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