Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Settled (A Photo Essay)

Here you can see how Scott has been enjoying the fact that my shoes are strewn about haphazardly throughout the house because we haven't hung my shoe rack yet.
I'm impressed that he can walk in these, I barely can. But then again, his foot's not really big enough to actually reach the heel part.

Look! We have a front doormat now. This simple addition has taken our house from "uninhabited wasteland" to "welcome to our home" in $15 (Yay Costco!).
The only thing that seemed tackier than no front mat was the small jungle of weeds we had growing out of the cracks in our driveway until last Saturday. Fortunately we removed them before the EPA declared them a protected wetland or anything.

I was so inspired by my friend Ralphie's post about the photos her daughter takes, that I thought I should give Claire a chance behind the lens. She wanted so desperately to look through the viewfinder instead of just using the LCD screen on the digital camera, that she had no hope of actually lining up a shot. Here you can see the results.
Perhaps she knew what she was doing more than I give her credit for. She has judiciously chosen to cut out my head since we went swimming earlier so I have no makeup on and my hair is a disaster. You still have to suffer through the sight of my grubby working-on-the-house clothes. (On the up side, you do get to see this t-shirt which showcases when and where I graduated college, as if you cared...)

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