Friday, August 31, 2007

Why Didn't I Take a Picture?

This morning at about 11am I left Scott upstairs perusing some books in his room and went downstairs. After quite awhile I realized it was quiet, too quiet. I asked Claire if she knew what Scott was up to so she ran upstairs to "check on him." She came back down and whispered something inaudible to me. I asked her what and got very close. I realized she was telling me that there were wipes all over Scott's room. I sprung into action and ran upstairs, calling a reminder to Scott that we're not supposed to play with the baby wipes. When I opened the door to his room, I found about 40 wipes strewn all over the floor, and Scott fast asleep in the corner on the floor. So, I did what any sensible parent would do. I wadded and shoved all the wipes back into the container (hey, wipes do cost money and a little carpet doesn't hurt considering their end use) and then shut the door behind me and let Scott sleep. Claire and I had a very relaxing lunch but now I'm paying the price because Scott just woke up. I'm realizing that was probably Scott's one nap for the day, so I have a very long afternoon stretching out before me...

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