Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Keeping an Eye on Scott

I was going to post this last night but M monopolized the computer all evening doing, of all things, actual wage-earning work! The nerve!!! I suppose the answer is for us to have two computers, but M and I have enough problems being sociable that we don't need to compound that with the possibility of both of us being able to get lost in our own little digital world simultaneously. With only one computer, there's always one of us to throw a lifeline to the other and say, "Hey, it's one o'clock in the morning, maybe we should get to bed. I bet [cnn.com OR your blog OR that email OR those maps of FEMA flood zones OR Reuter's oddly enough OR the Stampin' Up catalog OR slashdot, etc etc] can wait until morning." But now that it is morning:

Claire loves to help. Sometimes I give her the assignment of watching Scott for me for just a second to keep him from getting into something. Mostly this is while I run in the other room or upstairs or something and her only responsibility is to call me if he tries to knock over/ingest/climb on whatever it is I don't want him to.

Yesterday Claire looks at me with this contorted look on her face that I interpreted at first as a scowl. Upon further inspection, I realize her face is merely disfigured by the effort of keeping one of her eyes shut. Then she tells me, pointing at her one open eye, "Mom, I'm going to keep an eye on Scott -- this one."

(I'll be gone for a few days for our big anniversary trip. I know it will be hard without me, but y'all will pull through.)


Janssen said...

Yeah, it's a killer having two computers; they are like magnets.

Jules said...

Ditto what Janssen said. My husband brings his laptop home frequently instead of leaving it at work and all of our conversation goes right out the window. :)

Anyway, I am one of those bloggers you can't stand so maybe you won't want to see our blog (lots of kid focus since it is geared toward communicating with family far away) I guess not I might have to try and add something witty and interesting!

Hope you guys had a great trip!!

Julie Ritter