Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Trip to San Antonio

Day 1: We left in the late morning and stopped for BBQ at The Salt Lick. Such a quaint old place that was the epitome of a relaxed atmosphere. Great way to set the tone for the trip and some really good BBQ. In fact, best mustard-based BBQ I've ever had. Here are a couple photos of the restaurant and it's environs.

We sat out on the screened in porch. The tables were fabulous. They made me feel like you could read in their worn surface about all the good meals they'd served.

Out back where we parked there was old ranch equipment with this flowering vine growing on it.

We drove the rest of the way to San Antonio and stopped at the McNay art museum. Modern art museum that focuses primarily on 19th and 20th century European and American art. That's what I'm talkin' about! Really, a fairly impressive collection considering.

This is a fountain on the grounds of the museum.

We checked into our hotel in downtown. Swanky. Only adjective that seems to do it justice. Not in the gilded chandeliers way, but more in the "sleeping in a night club" sort of way. Our room was on the 11th floor.

This was the fountain in the hotel lobby. It was so dark in there I couldn't get a very decent photo.

View out our hotel window.

View down to the street out our hotel window.

On the building across from our hotel window was this door. The building was an old theater at the bottom. I zoomed in on the door because I thought it was SO awesome. I guess I'm kinda weird.

To be continued...


Jules said...

Salt Lick sounds yummy and is making me hungry!!! I haven't been there FOREVER!

Um, and the random door is fairly cool. But wasn't your hotel window high up? Did I totally miss something. Should I know why there is a random door from the comment about it being a theater? If so, I missed it. Probably my lack of culture! :)

G said...

OK, sorry, that was confusing. The door went out onto the ROOF of the building next door. And I have no idea why I randomly informed y'all that the building involved a theater - total non sequitur, sorry!

Jules said...

oh, well no, I guess it wouldn't have been confusing to me if I had actually looked at the picture to see the roof of the building!!! :)