Friday, August 3, 2007

Hopping on the Blogwagon

I was chatting with a dear friend from college yesterday and she asked me about blogging. Apologies to her ahead of time if she reads this since I'm shamelessly reusing material from that conversation. Her other mommy friend told her about her blog within 2 days of me telling her about mine. "Is it the new craze?" she asks. I dunno. It does kinda seem like a fad. Everyone and their dog is doing it. (Really. Someone out their keeps a blog on behalf of their dog who is also the narrator of a book. For all I know, there could actually be a dog out there who bangs out some stuff on the keyboard and gets it posted. And though some blogs claim to be generated by humans, you'd never know given the quality of content. I think a dog might do a BETTER job. Of course, rest assured I'm not talking about your blog.) So how do I feel about joining the faceless throng of bloggers? And why are there so many mommy blogs in particular?

I don't know the answer to the first question. But I have some theories about the second. Cheap shots - there's much easier jokes to be had in life as a parent. Kids make such excellent blog fodder. You don't need wit, skill, or anything like that. Just fertility and the ability to type intelligibly (which does put you ahead of most dogs...) The kids generate the material for you whether you want them to or not. I just hope my blog never turns into a place to post the "up to the minute" record of the latest crappy snapshot I took of my kid. (Again, I'm not talking about your blog... Besides, I have to sheepishly admit that's what I use my Shutterfly Collection for!) I hope that the occasional photo I post is either decent to look at or illustrates a point I am making in my writing.

But how do I feel about the Y.A.B. status ("Yet Another Blogger")? Like I said, I'm not sure. My gut reaction is that I shouldn't be blogging then. But M is always pointing out my tendency to think that if "everyone" is doing something, that automatically makes it bad. You should hear my sister and me when we get to talking, dissing things left and right just because it's "typical." It can really get out of hand. I wish I was more like M. He always says, "Maybe everyone is doing it because it's the right answer. Maybe they figured something out that you haven't." This is why we own a minivan. He gave me the preceding lecture and then dragged me off to test drive minivans. He was right. The minivan was better for hauling my "brood." There's just so much ROOM inside and I'm kidding myself if I think I actually would use the extra ground clearance of an SUV. But I'd like to think the minivan superiority was an isolated incident. I mean, if I give in on this philosophy then I worry that next week I'll have Thomas Kinkade paintings on my walls and my kids will be living off fruit snacks (READ: candy). (I'm not sure a "I'm not talking about you" comment will work on this one. Sorry if either of those describe you. I still like you, they're just not for me.) But I guess for now I will plow ahead with blogging because I'm having so much fun with it and try to ignore the little voice in my head saying, "You're turning into a cookie cutter replica of everyone else!" The little voice is probably still cramming its family and all their stuff into a little Honda Pilot anyway, so what does it know?


asylumdreams said...

No. If this was a big fad, your blog would not be the only blog that I found today in ENGLISH. Maybe where you live, it may be a big thing but for me, everyone 1. has no idea what a blog is or 2. thinks its old news. my response when did expressing yourself become old news! And if you don't know what a blog must have lived under a rock for the past three years!

Sorry, if this is offensive to you or anyone else but, today I am having an episode because I have mononucleosis and have stuck at home for the past couple days!

Ralphie said...

Okay. That was the best blog ever! You are amazing woman. What can you not do? Your writing is HILARIOUS. The minivan saga cracks me up!

Janssen said...

"Blah!" to Thomas Kinkade. Also, Greg Olson. When I was in London on study abroad, we stayed in BYU's Victorian townhouses that have been turned into the Study Abroad Center with classroom, bedrooms, kitchen, and a library. It also had a little lounge and, above the fireplace, was some totally cliche Greg Olson picture. My father-in-law HATED it and ranted about it often. Bless him.

Kristi said...

Eh, even if everyone is doing, it's still a good outlet for me, and a great way to keep in touch! And I like reading yours so you better keep doing it!

Two confessions though-- my kid lives on fruit snacks and I like Thomas Kinkaid :) Glad we can still be friends!

Leann said...

Ok, I gotta respond to this one, cuz I inspired it.
If you live in a bubble of working WAY too many hours and maybe just possibly being slightly jealous of the women who get to stay home and spend time with easy blog targets... then perhaps you'll hope that its just a fad, because secretly you want to join in too, and can't.
But Alas, I have a dear friend to share my random thoughts along with hers, so I think that will just have to suffice until I can join the Blogwagon too!

The Pena Family said...

Alright, you may find this random, but stay with me.... I am Leann's mommy friend! We started talking the other night about the "phenomenon of the blog" and she told me about you and yours! I am completely intrigued and entertained. If not your intitial purpose, it still must be noted. And, though I use my blog to shamelessly parade my own personal "laugh track inspirations," I also have the opportunity to exercise my neural pathways, and cut down on the cobwebs.... So, thank you! (and if you don't mind, I'll be back - )