Friday, August 31, 2007

San Antonio III

Day 3: We spent the day walking around and enjoying the San Antonio Riverwalk. We could walk down some steps just outside our hotel, and then never resurface if we felt like it!

This is a view of part of the Riverwalk that goes into the mall. We shopped there and watched The Bourne Ultimatum. We really enjoyed it, but we feel like it didn't live up to it's potential. Nonetheless, great movie. (I'm not sure why my evaluation of the movie is a caption for this photo, but I guess we'll blame it on the mallness of it all.)

This is a railing from along the Riverwalk. I just thought it was cool.

We also went over the Hemisfair Park where they held the 1968 World's Fair. There were some really cool fountains:

There was a little cottage garden there too that we walked through. Lots of butterflies.

Obviously interspersed with all this was much gluttonous eating. Would it be vacation if we hadn't eaten lots of good food? I even took the liberty of doing ridiculous things like getting dessert even though I was already full and ordering entire meals even though I knew I would only eat 1/2 and I had no way to take the rest home in a doggy bag!

The crowning glory of it all was the last night when we went on a dinner river cruise. They served us appetizers (exquisite guacamole) and beverages while they took our orders (we technically only had 2 entree choices, very wedding-esque, but it was okay because the food was delicious). Then they took us on a short cruise while we ate our salads. Then we returned to "dock" at the restaurant for our entrees. Then while we ate we went on a long cruise which included commentary by a tour guide who drove the boat. They even took us past a dance performance where the river is between the stage and the audience. We finished off with dessert while we were docked, which was doubly good. No really, doubly good because I got mine and most of M's since he doesn't eat sugary foods. We got to sit on the end of the boat, so it felt sorta secluded, which made up for the fact that I'm totally hard of hearing and couldn't understand most of what the tour guide said. I didn't care. It was so romantic and so fun and so tasty. Here you can see the boat all ready for departure:

Then we went home on Saturday. In short (too late), the whole trip was great. And the San Antonio Riverwalk may be the most romantic place I've ever been (granted I've never been to Europe...) M and I enjoyed our trip so much. Yay for blowing money on a cool trip because we've been married for five years and we were too poor and too in love to bother back on our honeymoon. I think it was a great plan. Back then, we didn't have kids we needed to escape just to be able to speak three words to each other uninterrupted...

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Kristi said...

You have a gift for taking awesome pictures, I especially love the black and white ones, beautiful! The dinner cruise sounds SO fun! We have a five year anniversary coming up == do they do this sort of thing in February? I want to go!!